Flat-Lined and Halloween

I have definitely been feeling emotionally shielded lately. Like, as if the other day (yesterday, actually) I took a hit and now inside I’m hiding under the covers. Just to take care of myself. I’m feeling better. Gosh, I don’t break down easily, but afterward I’m always a little tender. I haven’t been blogging as much either. In part due, I’m sure, to my computer being testy with the power cord situation, but also because blogging moods come and go, and after my Writer Craze subsided, I had some left over great writing feelings, and then I wrote those chapters to the book, and now I’m flat lined. Not flat lined as in dead, I mean emotionally straight. Writing and emotion are so tied together for me. If someone knew me well enough they could read my blog and after a week just know where I am emotionally.

Halloween should be good. Work with Nic and Josh will be fun and then Matt’s later that night. Sucks I’ll be getting there so late. I have to decide to either 1) not  drink too much and drive the girls home or 2) stay the night. I’ll figure it out then. But I got my costume all figured out today, the last piece will be Nic drawing out my shirt. It’s so silly looking, it made me laugh.

Britts here, foods here, I’m out


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