I found my 18th cent. book, thank Cheebus. that paper I wrote, isn’t due until Thursday. Nice. I will write a paper today/tomorrow and study for my midterm and then I will focus on my Monday classes. God I want this over.

Dave moves really soon. It’s sad, but then things have been a bit different lately. he feels odd about the Kristen thing and wishes there wasnt so much shit. I feel him, but with him kind of backing off lately I”m more used to the idea of him being gone. But when I do hang out with him, I’m reminded of how wonderful he is. I will miss him.

Speaking of Daves, Dave P found me on FB. I haven’t talked to him in a long time. it makes zero sense that we weren’t friends at school, but it’s my own fault. jon, that ass.

Yesterday was 2 years. TWO YEARS? Time flies. I mean, yeah it feels like a long time ago but then to think of how long that really is. Well..

thats why I dont think people should get married in their early 20s. How different am I now than I was 2 years ago? If I were married at 21 by 31 I’d be a completely different person. And maybe that wouldn’t work anymore for my husband. And maybe we’d divorce. Thats why I’m fine with letting myself age a bit. Like cheese.

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