Late Night

These posts are always good. But look, I have nothing to say. I shouuld have gone to bed a long time ago. I decided to make a photo album with my pictures from the roadtrip. Oh I miss it. I would do it again. But it was exhausting, honestly. I mostly miss the feeling of it. Knowing I had nothing to do but explore further. And hanging with Brittany. And singing in the car. And the wonderful relief we felt every time we got a room. But now- I’m looking forward at the white light that is graduation and wondering. Wondering wondering, what is next.

I downloaded this band today but turned it off immediately because it reminded me of Joe. It was a shock. I never expected that to happen. I mean half my ipod is from him and that shit doesn’t bother me.

Facebook has been connecting me a lot lately to people from the past.

It’s odd, for instance, that Jon and I talk on their again. Ha.. Jon. What a joke. Is past love always a joke? I guess eventually you look back on the past and just laugh. Towards everything. So.. ha. Hilarious. (I’m forcing laughter about recent history).

this blogging thing is good. writing about nothing  is better than not writing at all. I’ve been writing a lot lately. But I never write as well as I do when I hand write. That shit is so golden sometimes. I mean, the only stuff I ever like is hand written. This here? This is just expression. Free writing. Something to keep me from going out of my mind with words.

Anyway.. I should go to sleep. yeah.. tomorrows going to come Early. I don’t know why I capitalized early.  When I spell words wrong, and I realize what I did wrong, I still use the right-click spell check to fix it instead of manually fixing it. Isn’t that lazy?

I, as a Virgo, am most compatible with Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus. That’s funny because I’ve dated a Scorpio and a Taurus and loved them both dearly. So now I just need to find my Capricorn. You do know the third time’s the charm, right? I mean, I totalllly believe in horoscopes. …. if only it were really so easy. But STILL, very very interesting. And so accurate at times. The other day I was so bored I looked up my entire astrology. My sun sign, my rising sign, my falling sign.. my moon sign, my noon sign, my day sign, my menstrual sign…. okay half of those things dont exist, but you get what I’m saying. and it was s.o accurate. I looked up my signs with past loves and that was also s.o accurate. I looked up my sign with Nicoli and that was scary accurate. So alls I’m sayin is.. it’s interesting.

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