Working Woman

I didn’t get out until 1 am yesterday. Then I had to be back by 9. When I came back home by ten this morning, I had a Chili’s nightmares. I always love waking up from those because it takes me a few seconds to convince myself it was only a dream and that I’m not actually at work. I then feel really safe and happy in my bed, fall back to sleep, and have another Chili’s dream (nightmare).

I made a schedule for myself this week. Today I will write my Black Po paper which is due Tues.. Monday and Tuesday I will study for my Lit Theory midterm that is on Wed. Wednesday and Thursday I will work on my 18th Cent Restoration paper that is due Fri. Don’t ask me how I am going to do work on anything else, like my Dig. Media visual essay or my Melodrama notebook.

It’ll be so worth it so soon.

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