Where to start

Seeing as I never have time to write, or more appropriately I find the urge to write when my minutes are limited, I will start on a topic that doesn’t really matter.

Except I just realized I already wrote about my paper. So instead, I’ll take about Delta Epsilon Iota and the fact that I am officially part of that National Honor Society. I am grateful and a bit surprised because I don’t feel like I deserve to be in DEI. Let’s see: I never do my readings. I write my papers the day before they are due. I don’t even proof read my papers. I miss the maximum allotted amount of days. Quite basically, I do the least amount possible in order to still get a B (or sometimes an A if it’s an easy class). But, if I applied myself- I’d probably get all A’s. And I’d learn. And my close readings would be better. And I’d feel smart. And I’d feel like I deserve recognition.

So seeing as school was before interfering with my life, I was still doing the minimal work. But over the last month, I have stopped fighting it, become used to it and school is no longer interfering with my life but instead is my life. So, I feel motivated to do better. Maybe I will.

my bed is still very tempting, and Sakai and the readings are still very ugly to me. BUT- I kind of want to do it. because really, English is fun.


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