to anyone who reads this, especially Joe. I am from here on out going to write extremely candidly. I always have, even if I didn’t realize it (though usually I did) tried to restrain from deep details that would upset you. Or I’d try to not write things that maybe you’d judge me for.

But really, what the hell is that. I am going to from here on out be completely honest with myself, so if you do read this ever at all I would suggest you stop. 1) youll hate some things 2) itll upset you and youll be upset with yourself for being upset 3) youll try and hate me 4) this is mine for me and you really shouldnt be reading this anymore anyway.

And thats probably the most vital part. I’m going on with my life and I’m going to continue to blog about it like I have for the last 7 years and worrying about what you might think of me or that I’ve hurt your feelings or that in 3 months youre going to bring something up to me on the phone that you read in here.. well it stifles me. And really all that does is in 2 years when I go back to read about 2009 or whatever I wont have the details I should have. So with all due respect, and taking into consideration the feelings of both you AND me, stop reading this. I mean its up to you in the end, its not like I can block your ISP or anything. But thats the warning. Do with it what you will.

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