I didn’t get out of bed today until 1. I was back in bed by 3:30. I was feeling exhausted and sick. So I went and found tons  of pills (though not my echinacea) and took all of them. That could also be why I passed back out. Then I vegged on vegetables and dips and made pasta.. and over cooked the pasta.. so I remade more pasta. then I dropped my car off, my headunit and hundreds of wires hanging out everywhere. I did some homework. And other than that I’ve just been kind of lounging around. Mom and I went to fridays for potato skins and a beer, though she ended up just having a diet coke. I’ve had a headache all day though.

So basically I did nothing all day. I’ll sleep fine tonight. nothing days are nice sometimes, though I really wish I had an xbox. or someone to hang out with now.


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