Yesterday my mom went to a seminar about evolution and Christianity. its something i’ve been talking a lot about lately.. well it’s something people have been talking to me about lately as one of the only people they know who doesn’t know what to believe. “HOW CAN U NOT BELIEVE IT? THERES SCIENTIFIC PROOF BLAH BLAH” all I’m saying is if evolution is real, God made it. whats so hard to understand about that? i dont know why christians are so scared of science. and i would be labeled a heretic.

but anyway. she was telling me about it and i was so frustrated with her blind faith. i was frustrated with brittany saying “if u dont have an explanation, just have faith” those things dont fly when you talk to non believers. I know theres real proof of everything i believe and I wish I had my hands on it. i know theres proof. God made science for a reason. they are not enemies. they go hand in hand.

but I got so frustrated I almost cried. and its just because I am really really curfuddled.

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