not nick

THIS is not Nick Thomas is it? Yes my baby has a lost a lot a weight but my goodness.. his beard is gone and… i dont even recognize you anymore. Don’t go breakin my heart. Release that damn album, grow back your beard and sing about raw emotion and pills and rusty lust dripping from your chin or whatever it is youre always yellin about.


This is the Nick Thomas I’m used to.

maybe nick

And this is the new Nick Thomas I was getting ready to meet. But he changed SO MUCH since even here apparently. I’m confused. I know I’m being really creepy right now. I admit it. this is the ONLY band I really love. and he is the main brain behind it and I couldnt help but think he’s awesome. Now hes all looking different but I’m sure that just means this new album will be different from the old stuff and the new stuff. I don’t however have to wonder if I’ll like it. Though I do miss Sunsets and Car Crashes/One Fell Swoop. Those were the good ol days. With a CHUBBY and adorable and bearded Nick Thomas….

(maybe I just have a thing for chubby and beards?)

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