First Day O’ Class

The only thing I dislike about school is that it cuts into my laziness. Other than that being an English major, as dumb as that might be in this type of economy, is what I do best.  I enjoy learning about poetry and prose and I might even enjoy learning the history of satire, drama, and novels. I mean, talk to me in a year when I enter the job market and I might have a few cynical reflections on this choice but as of now I actually enjoy it. Yes, the papers are plentiful and the conversations at time seem pretentious and even pointless to me, but to sit down with a poem and to learn all it’s actually saying is something that I like to do. Plus, I laugh in class because my professors are passionate and real and they make me content to sit through their often long-winded and overly zealous explanations.

Don’t hold me to this in a few months time when everything is annoying and my assignments are all due, but I will miss school when I graduate. I feel smart during the school year.

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