Summers creaking to a stop..

and I’m enjoying every minute of it while I can. Since I’ve been home my life has been eventful, fun, and perfect for me. Let’s see we did Bar A for Nic’s Martyr thing one night. I went to Matt’s party the other night (which, do I even need to get into how dumb Shannon is? No I dont.), Legends Bar 2 nights ago with the boys and us and last night I chilled at Nic’s and watched movies. He laughed in his sleep, which I’ve never seen before. Tonight we’re going to Philly. In between going out, I hung out with Sharkey one afternoon. I saw an early movie with Christina, Britt and Nic, we had a great Jester turn out this Monday (officially beginning the Monday Night Football/Taco Wing nights again with everyone)! Josh has been in such a great fun mood, I got to see Dave’s animals, work has been fun and I’ve been making decent money. I even trained 2 times this week. I’ve been getting closer in some ways to people. Like Sharkey, who is now going to be my default Sunday plans because his football spread is amazing. Plus, I love hanging out with Sharkey more than almost anyone. my car is shitty. my rutgers classes need fixing. my room isn’t what I want it to be. But I have a good life and I’m not just happy, I’m content.

My Mom and Mick are probably going to Vegas within the next 2 weeks to a month. I can’t wait for them to leave so we can have everyone over. Brittany’s been wishing she could have a party for a while. Hopefully they leave before school starts but it’ll probably be in Sept.

This morning we went to the diner and had breakfast and then I headed home and my mom is bringing my car to get a realignment and then to meineke to get the electrical issues fixed up.

I dont really want to go to philly tonight but its KB’s birthday so you know.. I just hate how everyone wants to do cool expensive things on their birthdays. I’m content with the Jester. Why is that? Probably because I’d rather everyone be able to come to the local spot than only a few come to some far off destination.


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