I just came back from a 3 week cross-country road trip. My writers block has been demolished. I am back. I am still me though, except my hair is dark brown now.


that is the address of the blog I kept.

I still confuse the heck out of myself but I’m slowly figuring out why I do the things I do. I am beautiful too. I know that.

And I’m nervous to go back to work. I am also excited kind of. Mostly to have money, to not think of my budget EVERY DAY and to be able to splurge on say.. some clothes! Seeing as mine dont fit anymore.. but that’s bc they’re all a little too big . woohoooooo


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  1. You went to Seattle and didn’t even suggest meeting the random friendly blogger from Livejournal? WTF? Hahaha…Okay, well, I would’ve shown you the REAL Seattle. What’d you do there? Take in a show at Neumos? Probably saw the fish get tossed. Kind of weird that you were on my side of the country; it’s always interesting to see the different perspectives people have. Everyone thinks we’re loggers or hippies, but really I think we’re just aggressive drivers that drink a bit too much coffee. I had a post about this started, comparing it to Australia. I may have to finish that now…

    • Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Seattle because if so I would have wanted to get some coffee with you hippies. We had car trouble in Portland that put us way behind schedule, and emptied our pockets, and so we had to skip Washington. We’re trying for next year though!

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