I am sunburnt

or burned. I haven’t figured out yet which is actually correct. In anycase, I like looking back on entries and seeing when I am sunburned because it means for a minute of my life I was a different color than… well I was actually a color.
I have a headache and I’m sleepy. This weekend is a true cluster of stuff. Blueclaws game on Friday, party that night, 4th of July Saturday which is split between Bayville and LBI, and either LBI to Sunday or Matt’s. Then Monday I have off which is kind of unnecessary and kinda sucks because I need money but I’ll make do. Beach or Meineke or something.

Today, the coveted Wednesday day off, was good. Slept in, went to Rutgers to help Brittany get her stuff in order, ran into an old old aquaintance from high school IN the sociology building. Now this is God. We went in there and saw only offices, having zero idea where to go. I saw Vithya when I first walked in walking toward me but didn’t say anything. We walk in the same direction she’s headed when she asks if we need help. Turns out shes actually going for her Master’s in Sociology. So, she sends us up to the Dean’s office.. we never would have found that.. and we get everything Brittany needs. It was nice because Britt had had a bad run in with a lady at the major declaration office and was in a pretty bad mood. But after randomly running into someone I haven’t talked to since Sophomore year we got everything Brittany needed and the Dean was awesome. She feels so much better now.

Then we went to the Brunswick Sq. Mall, got dinner, went back to Freehold, saw My Sister’s Keeper, and then kicked back with the Niedrich’s and Mark. It was a good day but I am exhausted and my face hurts and I am ready to slip away into some dream world. Also, My Sister’s Keeper was 2 hours (or whatever) of me non-stop crying. I’m really glad I read the  book first because, as always, the  book had aspects that made it much better than the movie.

Good Night


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