On Soul Mates

Initially I didn’t agree with that excerpt from Eat Pray Love, but now I kind of do after it was explained a little differently by Wendie Tobin:

“I think there are two types of relationships: soul mates and puzzles.

Upon reflection, CT was probably a soul mate for me. It’s exactly why our friendship spontaneously combusted so many years ago. He possessed every great quality that I also have. And every bad quality, as well. Mirror image. Which is different than puzzles where a piece that juts out snaps into a piece that is concave. Mirror image unions leave deficiencies since the flaws and failings are the same and shared. Puzzle piece relationships provide more coverage. One person’s strength compensates for the other’s weakness-yin and yang. Balance. Symbiosis.”

This idea makes more sense to me. In fact, it makes SO much sense to me. I’m going to get out of this wasted hungover headache bed and get me a copy of that book. Also, I hope I get my period soon….

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