Blame it on the alcohol

I wanted to not work bar today because I was so tired. I was up by 9:30 and showered and on the road by 10:20. I was in class by 11:20 and my professor arrived late.. so late in fact that another four minutes and we would have been able to all leave. Regardless, I noticed how alert I was and I was proud of myself. That’s when my eyes became heavy and next thing I knew I was asleep. That is until my arm slipped from under my perched head and my neck snapped forward. You know, the “I was one second away from banging my head on my desk” situation. Anyway when I left class all I wanted was a nap.

But I didn’t get a nap and went to work and closed the bar and it was fun. I made more money than I would have made if I was in the lounge and I learned how to make two new drinks: A washington apple and a white russian. I think I’ll keep this shift for myself, and only switch with Dave if I am ridiculously tired. I’m proud of myself for working bar tonight.

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