I am totally cool with:

1) getting to this page through other pages because I’m too lazy to type wordpress.com into my address bar
2) friday nights being spent at Chilis, because I have great ppl working friday nights, and I still get to have a drink
3) me and nic gossiping together, and everyone accusing us of being luvahs because we spend a lot of time whispering
4) employees smacking my ass
5) my bosses touching my sides
6) letting all my emotional wounds go public. Letting people know how I really feel is like dropping my burdens off to the salvation army. It’s wonderful
7) being a dick sometimes
8) crushing on past crushes
9) getting cut when I have an empty section
10) sleeping alone
11) my dreams taking on a life of their own. Whatrya gunna do?
12) comedy central
13) Josh testing out my trust with secrets ranging from 1-10 on the severeness level. I’m at level 4(?) and I don’t want to get to 5!
14) not saying shit about phil and jackie
15) knowing so many secrets!
16) my scumbag boss hooking up with 17 year old girls, because hes better than previous managers (srsly)
17) people telling me how skinny I am lately
18) my highschool girlfriends calling me lately

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