Day 2

Now that I have less time to be so humdrum and less time to spend doing nothing but over analyzing my thoughts and movements, I believe my writing will reflect a much saner (though also much more boring) mind.

For instance, I am happy because today I got to school all on my own, parked without getting lost, and took the right bus to the right campus. That is a small victory. Then, I changed out of my Old English class because 1) I couldn’t listen to that woman’s strangely deflating voice for 15 weeks and 2) I was not going to write a 20 page paper on the letter thorn because I don’t care about it I’ve found out. Now I’m taking a class concentrated on the strange sexual escapades of those in the Middle Ages. Sounds a lot more interesting. So that was another victory.

Lastly, I changed my Student in Transitions class to Thursday. This cut my 5 hour break into a 3 hour break, changed Wednesday’s from a 3 class day to a one class day, and made it possible for me to sleep in on both Tuesday’s AND Wednesday’s. Yes, my Thursdays are SHOT now, but it’s all for the greater good. This was my last victory.
See… how boring of me.

Lastly, Monday is the only day with a terrible break in between classes (5 hours) but I shall reserve this single day as the day I take full advantage of Josh’s studio on Easton.

All in all, day 2 of school and I’ve got most of this stuff figured out. Don’t ask me how to get a student ID, where to buy books or how to declare my major though… those things will have to come later.

I wish LOST wasn’t tonight because I’m already exhausted. And I don’t want to get sucked back into that mind fuck. I was for so long craving it, but now I don’t know if I can handle it. I think it just might annoy me. Ah, sacrilege, I know.

Thank God I know where this library is. I couldn’t spend anymore time outside. It’s getting colder……


(why do some Asian girls always look so confused or out of place.. I always feel like they look like they don’t speak English. They just look lost)

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