My eyes have been opened up these passed few days. I realize a lot.
It’s strange how I will look at someone as if they are a real person, I will let them have a say in my life, I will follow their lead, I will not do something if they tell me not to, I will cherish their opinion, I will bounce ideas off of them and consider them an invaluable part of my life or what not… only to one day realize they don’t have any fucking idea what they’re doing either. I don’t think anyone at this age should have such power.

Tomorrow is the inauguration and I wanted to go but I can’t because I have class. During the inauguration. So I can’t even watch it (which I would have most definitely watched). I’m hoping to get out early for it.

Today is my last day class free. I’m not even letting myself be nervous. I’ll figure it all out.


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