By the by..

My knee hurts, my wrist hurts, I’m all banged up. Last night was spontaneous and fun. First off, I need to keep my fucking mouth closed.
Second of all, I love Mark. He’s great.
Third of all, I love Bobby and Alana. They’re funny, and getting married.
Fourthly, Escondidos is somewhere I need to stop going. But I love it. It’s the static electricity. It’s like a night of make believe dude, because nothing that happens there is real.

I might get my hair done today. I figured out Rutger’s financial aid, so now all I need to do is go buy my books.
I’m glad my friends don’t hate me because sometimes I wonder if I would hate me when I drink.
Lastly, Maureen is interning at Neptune high school and one of her students just got arrested.


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