So that issue has resolved itself, thank God. Really thank Him because I did a whole lot of praying in the past 24 hours. It put a lot into perspective. Like how I don’t want anything to change right now, and how content I am with my life, and how easily sin can mess everything up. Also, I realized once again how much bigger God is than my sin. Thank goodness.

So today was an interesting day at work.
All night I’m waking up because I keep having weird dreams and because my mind wasn’t at ease. In other words, bad night of sleep. Then I wake up at 9:50 and am supposed to be at work by 10 for a 12 hour shift. Gross. So I call and say I’ll be late and run out the door. Then I get to work and in the back I’m climbing over the kegs and do a split, and my pants rip open. =)
Afterwards, I get my period at work and that’s always entirely uncomfortable.
Then I only have 5 guests all morning and spend the duration of my day cleaning and organizing the beer room, hoping my ripped pants don’t rip any further.

Fortunately, Anjel took my shift for me. Now I’ve napped. It’ 8 O’clock. I wonder what Mopreem’s up to. I’m so glad that’s all I have to wonder about.

Being in your 20’s really is a rarity of life. It’s a version of life that gives you just enough responsibility where you’re not a child, but where you also have a lot of freedom to what you want. I am enjoying it.


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