2009 List

1) Brought in the New Year with plenty of New Year kisses
2) Started at Rutgers
3) Got to sing karaoke with my main man Shannon as we ended our long sabbatical
4) Rachel visited!
5) Was given a field sobriety test just to see how I would do
6) Had a Sharkfest on St. Patty’s Day
7) Had the sexiest St. Patty’s of my life
8) Lost weight unexpectedly
9) Got money back from the government for the first time in years, if not ever
10) Paid off my credit card!
11) Spoke in Take Back the Night
12) Won a 3 day 2 night trip with John Niedrich!! We haven’t decided where we’re going yet, but he favors Las Vegas. I’m kind of digging Orlando or somewhere else in Florida

13) Got a 3.6 after my first semester at Rutgers

14) Went to England where I

15) Saw London

16) Saw a play in London

17) Visited and toured Bath and the Roman Baths

18) Went to Stonehenge

19) Went to Paris

20) Climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower

21) Ate French onion soup in Paris

22) Ate frog legs in paris

23) Met mick’s awesome family

24) Andrew was Married!

25) Saved enough money to go on the ROADTRIP

26) Went on the ROADTRIP

27-100) roadtrip

101) I learned final cut

102) got XBOX

103) 3.6 gpa

104) oemgee pigfest


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