Some Night in Mid December

My shoe fell apart today at work. The sole, toward the toes, fell apart and every time I took a step it dragged on the floor, waiting to make me fall. I decided to tape it back together, and after tediously taping it perfectly.. it looked ridiculous. I took the tape off after 30 minutes or so and realized I had unintentionally created a perfect dome shape structure that perfectly fit over the top of my shoe, but one that did little to keep my shoe securely together. It worked, but the structure was slacking and wasn’t secure. I really just looked homeless. Sometimes you can not salvage things, no matter how hard you try.

Tonight I went out with Megan, Shark and Josh. It was a good time, because they are good, well thought people, and Megan makes me laugh. And Shark is not his name. His name is Kevin. I should acknowledge this eventually.

My sister and I just had a good talk with my mom. It started because I came home around 2, and at 2:15 my sister opened my door and told me I had to deal with a problem. The toilet got clogged today. It’s because my sister and I use too much toilet paper, but I took the initiative saying I’d plunge it, so at 2:00 in the morning my mom woke up due to the dogs barking and my sister told her I had to plunge the toilet. This created a really funny scenario. I did it wrong apparently, and my mom ended up taking over saying, “This is no longer funny! If this overflows it’ll ruin the kitchen ceiling. I am not laughing Che.”

I was.

Afterward we hung out in the hall, and eventually were all sitting on the floor, just talking and laughing.

I appreciated the time spent with my mom.


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