The Good Life

I hurt myself at work today pretty badly. I smashed my finger in the metal sliding doors of the mug cooler. When was the last time you really hurt yourself? I mean earlier this week I walked into the purse hook in the bathroom and that hurt. I have an impressive bruise from it. But this was like no pain I’ve encountered in a long time. I started crying and wrapped it, but as the minutes passed it became evident that I had to go home. It hurt so bad I actually felt like I was going to faint. My managers  eventually became worried and my manager Lauren bartended and sent me home. For this I am grateful. My finger isn’t broken (thank God) but it is really jacked. Pain killers did nothing. Eventual oxycottin took the pain level to a bearable amount, and made me feel weird.

But the main point of this story is my friends.At work I kept trying to bartend but would, in complete agony, have to step outside. My bar guests had a crying bartender. How awkward for them. But Alana stood by me, venturing behind the bar for the first time to try and greet my guests, ignoring the fact that she was useless if they needed a drink. She helped wrap my immediately swollen and purple finger. Zara saw my icepack and got me a newer, colder one. Maureen wiped my tears away with her shirt. Everyone was just so nice and comforting. Nic agreed to come in early so I could go to the hospital. I know this is all over a finger! and can be looked at as ridiculous. But I was in incredible pain, and everyone cared. Later Alana would be telling the story and would say, “She just kept saying ‘I just want my mom'”, which would prompt Maureen to become teary-eyed.

Later, as I lay in bed throbbing, Nic and Kari would text me, checking up on me. Maureen would speak to Matt and he would call me to see how I was. Britt and Moe would call me. Maureen would stop by later with PF Changs. And my mom, my amazing mom, would go to Chilis to see me only to hear I was in the hospital (I wasn’t). She would come home and take such good care of me. She would make me two dinners (because she didnt want me to wait while the other one cooked), she would eat dinner with me in my bed and lay with me, and rub my back and arms. Mick would give me painkillers, and when they didn’t work, offered me better ones. He is in chronic pain constantly, but still cared enough to give me medicine that he relies on in order to live as normally as possible.

I am just grateful for everyone. I am thankful. I love them all.

And yes, my finger is still killing me. Like seriously… its ridiculous how badly that hurt. But beautiful that no one dismissed my tears as silly. They all helped me, just because they really do care. It touched me.

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. He’s 52.


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