RIP (again)

So my car is gone. This morning I had to get her towed away. Well my mom was taking her to meineke and she died, so my mom got all the stuff out of my car and had her towed. Then she looked for cars in the paper and drove with me looking for cars. I love her she’s wonderful. So I found a Hyundai Accent hatchback. It’s purple. One day I’ll buy a new car but not right now. It’s a stick shift… I haven’t driven a manual in so long. But my first car was a manual so I’m sure I’ll figure it out again. I’m just too busy and with my schedule I can’t be without a car. So I had no choice but to get one today. And God made it work so amazingly. The sign in the car had fallen down, that’s why no one had bought it yet.. they didn’t know it was for sale. And all those other cars I looked at were over priced and really ugly. And then the last car I saw was this one, and it isn’t falling apart, and it was $1300. He as initially asking $1850, but had no problem going down. So he’ll drop that off tomorrow.

RIP Rosey.
You were always sick, and though I tried to take care of you, I didn’t do it well enough. But thank you for being with me these past two years. And thank you for coming back to life last year after you died. I will always remember you. You got me around as best you could and held on for as long as possible. Enjoy the afterlife Rosalita, maybe you’ll find a nice gentleman car to spend eternity with.


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