My only class was canceled today, right as I was getting up. I listened to a voice mail from Brookdale and went right back to bed. Today I have to continuously study for biology, which really shouldn’t be as hard as I’m making it out to be. Things have been pretty amazing lately. God hads been amazing lately, and for no good reason on my part. I don’t deserve his blessings at all. The other day, leaving school, I pulled  out and didn’t see a car was coming. His tires screeched on the street and I tried to stop and then just sat there praying he wouldn’t hit me. He didn’t.
The spellcheck on this livejournal is really strange. Sometimes it highlights words that are spelled correctly, which makes me go into a totally confused google search trying to figure out what I did wrong, only to find out that most people on the internet can’t spell and that google isn’t the best place to go.

I’ve had some pretty weird dreams lately but nothing important. I’ve really just been working and schooling, in between going to the gym (when I can.. like today!) and going out to eat with my friends. Because everyone has to eat. And if I dont eat with them, I might never see them. Thanksgiving will be delicious, I can’t wait for that. I’m going to my dads. My mom’s birthday is on Saturday. Dad’s birthday is on the 23rd.

That’s pretty much everything.


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