The Moments Between Excitement

I called Rowan today and they told me that a decision was made on my application and I’ll be getting a letter soon. I’m terrified that because I haven’t sent any Lee transcripts to any of my new schools, they’re all going to deny me and I’ll have to wait until Fall to reapply and try again. But, on the other hand, I’m really hopeful that I’ll be accepted to a lot of them. Mostly Rowan or Rutgers…. Rutgers is a reach you know.

Also pending:

Kean and William Patterson

Those aren’t even amazing school I don’t think but I’m excited to finish school and start my English:Writing career.

I have a lot to do today, but today I have it all on lock. And my mom left for Florida today so.. sweet.

Also, I called my high school today and the lady I spoke to was so old and grumpy, and short with me. It reminded me of why I hated that school. It wasn’t the kids, it was the staff.


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