Mutual Understanding

Tonight was one of those nights. After a grueling day, I went to hang out with some of my best friends. Some of them I used to be closer with, some of them I grow closer to every day. Some of them I’m still just getting to know. We danced. We sang. We laughed. I took a lot of pictures, and video. Afterwards we left to go hang out with some of our oldest friends. We jumped on a trampoline. We giggled. When was the last time you giggled? Sitting on the trampoline, talking about poetry and writing, I can see us years ago. See us when we were so young, so innocent, so bright eyed. And now here we are, regardless of all our fuck ups and failures, still able to just sit outside at 3 in the morning and laugh. That is beauty.

Yesterday I went to a show and crowd surfed (for the first time). There’s something about being surrounded, so packed in you are leaning on complete strangers. Leaning on them, falling on them, dancing with them, touching their backs, their hair, (for one awkward moment) even locking arms with them for no reason. There’s something about a stranger pulling your hair back and setting it on your back. About having them pick you up, or you lifting them. About pushing them and jumping on their arms and feet. Being able to be as free as if you were alone, but as unalone as you’ll ever be..that feeling of complete isolation and freedom mixed with comradery.. it puts me at peace. It makes me grateful.


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