I don’t know why things are as they are. I don’t know why it doesn’t feel like it should or why I there’s always an issue. But there is, and it upsets me to the point that we always end up ending. So, I guess it is what it is. Continuing on with life, I’ve been thinking a lot about leaving and how great it would be to live in a no-name town, wearing thrift store boots and sitting at a bar surrounded by strangers. That’s what I want. It’s this feeling that was born in me when I was in Tn. Or maybe it wasn’t born there, but fulfilled there. And that yearning to have it fulfilled again has come back. But that won’t happen for another 2 years so..

Moving on. That’s what life is sometimes. Moving on from what life once was. It’s really not horrible, it’s new. Every new beginning really is another new beginnings end.

I’m starving.

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