Im getting it all done. Every time I finally do the work I procrastinated on, I am always left thinking. "Oh, that wasn’t so hard. I should have gotten it done a week ago."

If only I’d ever learn


Of Those Who Wander

Left out upon the waters bank,

Beneath a tree of mapled wood.

Like skipping stones that quickly sank,

They never once did what they should.

Sitting outside beneath the moon,

Left out to age with natures grace,

Like a day lit scampering coon,

To touch them would be in bad taste.

Neglect of any normalcy,

Of things you all have grown to do,

They saw the things you’ll never see,

They lived the truest form of you.

As indigo and tangerine,

Carry a heavy sun to rest,

For the last time they are serene,

As they let out their last free breath.

This biology class is going to be the death of me. It’s hard. I just don’t KNOW these things and I’m having trouble learning them. Even what should be simple conversions are hit and miss. Sometimes I get the correct answer and then on the next problem, when using the same approach, I get it wrong. But the actual lecture is a guy saying all this info and not explaining anything. I just need to read my book and act like this is an independent study course in order to pass. Relying on the actual classes themselves are getting me nowhere.

I didn’t update yesterday, but here it is. Week Two I didn’t lose ANY weight. But, I didn’t gain any either.

This is my own fault. I had my birthday in week two and the next day I had my cousins wedding. I felt that a wedding is a once in a life time thing and I would be damned if I didn’t indulge myself in the $250 a plate course. It was amazing ALL the food. Cocktail hour was insane. It was like dying and being sent to food heaven. Really. My birthday I cheated also, because I’m 22 and I deserve a last meal.

Then as the week went on and I had already cheated, I indulged a little more here and there. All in all, it wasn’t wise but unavoidable. But, thanks to nutrisystem I didn’t put a single pound on from my little escapades because I still followed it somewhat. Now in week three my goal is 3-4 pounds. If I lose that I’ll only be a pound or two away from my initial goal. Not my nutrisystem goal, by my overall life goal. I remember at 150-153 I always wanted to at least get to 135, if not 130. I knew that 135 was my healthy weight. If I lost a few pounds this week I’ll be at 136-137. Not too shabby. I started at 145. The weight loss from 153 was my own doing, simply based on life becoming busier and having less time to snack. 


Anyway I’m not too upset over my plateau this week because I enjoyed my birthday and the wedding. Dieting is about readjusting your lifestyle, and weddings and birthdays are moments in life to enjoy yourself while being surrounded by your family and friends. These aren’t things I’m willing to sacrifice.

Happy birthday darling. We love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very much.

Today is my birthday. I am twenty-two.

Also, it is Wednesday, my weigh in day. I weigh 140lbs today, meaning I have lost 5lbs. I cheated a little. Because I lack self control. But still I lost 5lbs in a week. And I drink an insane amount of water, so it can’t ‘just be water weight’.


Tonight and tomorrow I have to cheat. Today I am going out to dinner and out for some drinks because, dammit, I deserve to celebrate my continued plunge into adulthood. Secondly, tomorrow is my cousins wedding and there is no way I’m missing out on all that delicious food and drink. But after that, back to nutrisystem.