I started tithing my money and was, the following week, able to reach my financial goal after falling short of it all summer.

I then paid for school, continued trying to build my relationship and then last week at church was a sermon on finances. I started being conscious of my spending and writing it all down.

I got a letter from my school saying I have surprisingly been rewarded two grants AND a scholarship. After I already paid. After financial aid already told me I wasn’t receiving anything. All that money I saved and then sent them, I’m getting back, save for only $200 of it  It is August. By now, all rewards should have been claimed. All rewards should have been sent out. But I only just now got mine. I think this was showing me that if I put in the effort, I will be rewarded.

How amazing.


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  1. That is a lesson my dad always says he learned the hard way at my age. Subsequently, I have made a commitment to tithe. Although, I think the idea of stewardship – it is all God’s money – is the best way to put it, I give my 10% in respect and as a means of discipline.

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