Let’s talk about Kenny

I saw an old flame today, Kenny, at wawa. I was at the cash register and was carded. This kid behind me started laughing and I turned to see who was laughing, thinking it was some jerk. It wasn’t a jerk, but it was absolutely unexpected, like all our chance encounters since highschool. We were talking and he showed me pictures of his daughter. His trophy as he called her, the one thing he has to really be proud of. He told me how he’s still engaged but only because he has to try for his daughter. In all honesty, he said they fight a lot and he’s not really ready for the commitment. Then we went outside where I met his fiance, and I did a good job. Saying how I knew him and it’s so great to meet her, how beautiful their daughter was. I followed the rule that you talk to the woman more than the guy, and you make eye contact. As I was saying goodbye and walking away he followed me and hugged me three times, holding on a little too long. He said he doesn’t have my number anymore because his fiance obviously didnt want him keeping the numbers of girls he used to know. But he said he knows where I live still and asked if he could bring his daughter over one day. I told him I’d love to meet her and he was genuinely taken aback. He said how great it was to see me.. and he really meant it. It was sad, because I know what he was thinking. But I still love it when we run into eachother. That whole forbidden love thing that never happened. He’s a sweet guy who just needs a chance at making it. He never got that chance. Anyway, I told him to come to Chili’s with the family so I could meet his daughter then with his fiance there. Instead of some rendezvous at my house.

I can remember that all I ever wanted was to kiss him. So awful. He was friends with Ryan, my highschool boyfriend, and after we broke up Kenny would stop by a lot with John Ganley. I remember once I was in my pajamas and went downstairs to get a drink when he knocked on my window. I screamed, then saw who it was and ran upstairs and changed. I remember we wrestled once and our faces were less than an inch from eachother, and he went to kiss me and I turned my head. I remember showing him pictures in the hallway. I remember him waiting outside of homeroom for me every day. The memories are cute, but it’s so strange what happens to people. When they ‘grow up’ or are forced to at least try.

Moving on, today was great. Went to my dads softball game and then got dinner with him. We talked forever over a few beers. I love that man.


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