These are friends of mine

It’s selfish and petty sounding from your end, girl friend of mine.
From you, male friend of mine, it’s just another grievance to put down on the list that’s already quite long about that one person. Let’s be honest, you’re both upset for YOUR OWN case. She did what she did for HER OWN BENEFIT. You’re all looking out for number one here. And what? You’re mad because SHE used us to get what she wants? Well at the same time, she got us what we want.

Now you could possibly hurt us, for your own benefit, and you’d justify that? Come on. Life is competitive, this shit happens, get over it.

And you both called me to tell me “Che I don’t want you to think we have any problem with you, this has nothing to do with you, you can reap all the benefits in the world from this and we’d be okay with that. It’s just that…” what? it’s just that you are scared of losing out on your cash crop? Listen, male friend, you made it seem like the number one problem was that SHE was being manipulative and fake, pretending to care for us when she was only doing it because it benefited her. Okay, thats something to be upset over.

But girl friend, you made it seem your number one grievance was that you’d miss out on money. But did you not just get a job at Jenks to make more money? You keep saying she cant have her cake and eat it.. well ditto.

In the end, regardless of why you say youre upset, its all really just because you’re looking out for yourself. Fine, we all do it. But don’t judge someone else for doing the same thing as you.



3 responses to “These are friends of mine

    • ps: everyone IS selfish. and the more they try to justify it the more idiodic they sound. so i would just let every word they say roll off your shoulders because in the end, you got a raise, and that’s really all that matters.

      • when exactly am I getting raise. all I know is that ive spoken to ppl since this and the meeting on wednesday should be anti climatic. I dont think theyre bringing it up anymore. Its all fallen to the sidelines I think. I dont really get it, but we’ll talk more in person.

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