Sunshine been keepin me up for days

I think Joe might love Matt more than me!

I want to see Son  of Rambow. Remember that. Tonight Joe and I are going on a date ❤ last time we were supposed to go on a date we didn’t.. I can’t remember why. I just want to spend a lot of time with him because I just need to get full up on Joe, then once I’m full, he can go and do whatever he wants and I won’t even care! But by then, he’d probably need to be filled up and it would just be a constant cycle. I’m writing as if I’m young and in love I know I know.

Cynthia Nixon just isn’t pretty to me, but I am excited for the Sex and The City movie. That should be a girls night followed by pajamas and a margarita or two. I went to the diner with Breezy and Maureen today for lunch and it was funny. Also though, I have allergies so I can hardly hear anything and I’m talking funny. I need to go pay my credit card bill at the mall, check my schedule and shower before 5:30 so.. I gotta get out of here.

2 responses to “Sunshine been keepin me up for days

  1. That young and in love feeling is something I wish we could hold onto forever. I might be young, but man, sometimes Ian and I struggle to even LIKE eachother. lol
    As for SATC, I totally agree. Ian thinks it’s a horrible show (and okay, I guess the morals are pretty lame), but I really want a night out with friends to go see this. Too bad I don’t really have friends, haha….

    • The morals are pretty nonexistent but who can’t relate to be a woman and being indecisive and trying to make things work as you think they should. I don’t know, they make me laugh.
      As for the young and in love feeling, it is only in the beginning because you are still blind I think. There’s a lot more to a relationship than simply feeling like you’re in love! And that is something I know a married woman like yourself would know.

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