My stomach has been nervous lately at night and sometimes in the mornings. At first I thought it was because Joe was always complaining to me or annoyed with something or reacting negatively to everything I said and did. But now I wonder if it’s because he’ll be home soon and I hope we find a way to make things work with our schedules without completely neglecting our friends and obligations. Or maybe it’s because change is inevitable and no matter how much I ignored it, the truth is my mom is moving, and Brittany is going with her, and I need to figure out my life without taking them into consideration because everyone is beginning to truly follow their own path. I once knew exactly what I wanted and was fearless. Now, everyone else is fearlessly pursuing their dreams and I’m standing here wondering where the hell to go next. I need to make a decision yesterday, you know. I just don’t know.

Joe graduates tomorrow. That’s amazing. And he’ll be home and destressed and we’ll be amazing. That’s my prayer.

I’m scared.


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  1. he knows everything.
    not me. Him.
    so don’t be afraid.
    I’m glad we talked tonight, I’m glad you let me listen. I’m sorry I’ve been such a distant asshole. I promise things will be different. I can feel it already in my heart.
    In the morning i begin my journey back to you.
    i love you.

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