6 times the experience

Today is me and Joe’s 6 month anniversary. So, that went fast huh? Schools quickly coming to an end and I have a lot to do before then, paperwork and such, but I can do it. I’m tired of being in school 4 days a week and working 3 days a week. Today, for instance, is a perfect day to just be outside but I cant because I have to work a double. By Sunday I am exhausted. I need a mental health day, but this semester made that impossible. So, I can’t wait for summer when I can wake up and actually have nothing to do. This year we’re substituting wasted wednesday’s with wacky and wild wednesdays! This summer is going to be outdoors summer. Hiking, camping, fishing, beach (weekly please), outdoor shows, yes even METS GAMES keri. I’m excited to take two summer classes and to save my money. This summer, to go with the theme of my busy responsible years (refer to posts in the beginning of 07) is going to be productive. Hopefully I’ll be getting out to Colorado for Jason’s wedding as well.

Now I’m going to shower, eat and go to work.


2 responses to “6 times the experience

  1. yayyy mets games!! im down for hiking/fishing/camping too. those are the best summers
    ps thanks for consoling me during my break down. maybe my head thing is because of stress after all lol

  2. i love you and this summer will be fun. fishing is a definite, although i notice you weren’t quick to advertise your newfound passion for roller blading.
    i love you you.

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