Maureen is giving me such a hard time lately for never hanging out. She blames it on Joe. But he’s only in town once a month, so what about the other three weeks? In reality, I’m taking six classes condensed into four days, and spend the other three days of the week at work. I don’t have a day to myself, let alone a lot of spare time to spend just hanging out. If she doesn’t get off my back soon I’m going to really have a problem with it. I’ve told her several times what the deal is, not to mention that she knows Im trying to get my school back on track. Jeff says he knows I need to get my things together, everyone else says they still see me and they don’t know what the big deal is.. but she won’t get off me. It’s very annoying.

Now, that’s all about that. I go to Florida on Thursday to spend nine days with Joe. I’m excited. We’ve reached a different point in our relationship that I really like. It’s not all new, but it’s not old. It’s just comfortable. I’m comfortable, and so is he. I love him, he loves me. Im making a poem all of a sudden… regardless, you get the idea.


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