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I am kind of down from missing classes this week. I have a lot on my plate, and I cant afford to miss classes. But I am so exhausted all the time.

It’s like I don’t want to go to class, but I don’t want to not go to class. Im procrastinating everything.  I need to just do it. Apply to colleges. Decide where to move.

I dont want a cigarette. I dont want a drink. I dont want to lay in bed and make out. I dont know what I want to do right now. So Im going to get something to eat.

Im a waste sometimes.

today I feel hung over even though I didn’t drink last night. I think though I just may be getting sick. Not sick sick, but maybe stuffy.

I had a dream last night that my cousins Jaime, Alexis and Jason all died. I need to look up what dreams about people dying mean, including me dying, because the last two weeks I’ve had dreams of Eric, Joe, Jaime, Alexis, Jason and myself dying.