Last night I dreamt of Hilary and Obama. I was at the Clinton’s for dinner. Chelsea was a stuck up jerk. The clintons had two younger daughters also. They were adorable. Hilary Clinton was suprisingly human and I really got along with her.

my dreams have been really weird lately. People dying, and then last night I died. Or, I was killed. Several times. And no I didn’t wake up just before I was shot.

Also, I had a dream that I had three boyfriends last night.

This hair dye has been in for way too long. I feel woozy and faint. Tomorrow I go to Florida to see JOE. I am obviously very excited. I miss him. I have to pack and study tonight. So far for this winter class I received a B on my paper and an A on the first test. Tomorrow is the second test, also the last test. After that, I get to go to the airport. I better go shower and start packing.


I am scared that I am never going to do the things I want to do because of how comfortable I will become. Im scared its too easy to stay in one place. Im scared if I do the things I want to do, Ill be too swept up to just bathe in it and relax.

Im scared Im losing the beautiful part in me.

Today we were given the day off by my winter instructor. I am grateful for this because I have been so exhausted lately. Brittany and I are taking our youngest sister to dinner tonight and I think that will be fun. Im really just excited to go out to eat.


So New Year’s Eve was fun. Went to NYC with Joe and a bunch of his friends and went to a comedy club, a few bars.. blah blah. Ended up in bed by 4, sound asleep.

I’m trying to quit smoking and it’s really hard. But I’m not TRYING.. that’s incorrect.. i AM quitting. I get very emotional though and cry. So Joe, being so sweet, went to CVS and instead of buying me cigarettes like I was wanting, bought me $40 worth of “Che Can Quit” stuff. Nicotine suckers (gross I know but they get rid of the cravings), along with some lollipops, Starbursts and Slim Jims (just bc I really like slim jims). Anyway it helped a lot, and I love him. After showing me all this, he pulled out a pack of unopened cigarettes and asked “So do you want one?”

Tempting that devilish boyfriend is. I said no.

In other news today was my first day of the winter class. The book in the store was $120 dollars, and online it was about $80. But I didn’t buy it because I just had this feeling that I should go to class first. So I went today and turns out he’s using an older edition.. one that I was able to purchase today online for $10. Amazing.

Anyway, Im tired but Im okay