Its the holiday season

I think I’m going to finish this semester up well. I really do. Marketing is the only class I’m not 100 percent on, so I’ll talk to him on Thursday.

I prepared my How-To speech today, made the dip, have all the ingredients and supplies ready to make it in front of them. Hopefully because this is on time, and praying I don’t go over my time limit, I can finally get that 100 I deserve, rather than a 90 or 85 like the last two speeches. Now I need to find my journal because I might be doing a 2nd speech today on it, and I had it ready ever since the beginning of the semester but by now I’m not sure where it is..

Oh and I’m incredibly broke. But bills are being paid on time. I just need to get over to Macy’s…

I very constantly have 106.7 on in my car because it plays Christmas songs constantly and it puts me in a good mood. Also since realizing we’ve been hearing these songs for the past 21 years and I still don’t know half the words to most Christmas carols, I want to leave the season with half of them memorized. Last year I had no Christmas spirit. This year is different.


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