I can’t hear the echoe of my footsteps or remember the sound of my own pain

Andrew might be moving back home. As if thats not exciting enough, he  might be taking Brie with him. This all could happen in a few months.

Wow. If that happened I’d be delighted because finally I’d have two of my best friends back in my life. Back in ‘town’. Back in Jersey. And then if Shari moved out here.. well I’d just never leave. I feel like God brought those people into my life.. in the one year I was at Lee.. for a reason. Why else should I have made so many LASTING friends in pretty much a semesters time? It doesn’t make sense if not because they have some sort of purpose in my life. Some people are here for only a season, and there’s plenty of people like that. But my year at Lee wasn’t the season for everyone. And I’m thrilled about it. I’d be so excited. I’m actually excited right now thinking about it. Oh.. so I suppose that means they’re kind of together again? Wow. And theres a good chance they’d try to go to Rutgers because that’s where Carl goes. Funny how things could hypothetically work out, though I’d still live with Josh and Shark. Unless they bail. And then I’d glady live with Brie. But I wouldnt want to live with Brie and Andrew together.. though I did stay with them that one week. And it was beyond amazing. I just know that when they fight.. they fight. And I’d be not happy. And if they broke up I’d be so in the middle I’D have to move out. Anyway, that’s all beside the point. My brother and my friend might be coming home to me. It’s about time.

In other news I’ve had like butterflies in my stomach tonight and it’s great to feel happy. I mean lately I have been very content but this excitement for life.. well that’s just beyond lucky to feel. And I’ve had it since before Brie’s message.

Anyway.. I worked tonight. School starts on Thursday (…) and I have to give Sue my new schedule by last week. Brittany leaves for school tomorrow (bye bye my best friend) and I got closure on this summer. Everything has come full circle and after all has been said, and all has been done… I’m happy. You could say I’m back at square one, but you’d be absolutely incorrect. I’ve grown and moved forward. Nickel Creek just came on.

If today was not an endless highway
If tonight was not a crooked trail
If tomorrow wasn’t such a long time

The fact that everything has worked out. The fact that everyone is good and I’m good and home is a haven and I have people I love to hang out with and the fact that I have great conversations and that I genuinely laugh every day.. it’s all a gift and a miracle and a gracious deliverance of answered prayers and unconditional love.


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