AC was fun


The past two days have been amazing. Atlantic City was good, weird, unexpected, tiring, and heart warming really.
Then last night was great with Shannon. I didn’t expect it to go that well at all but he’s honestly changing and I’m glad we’re friends.
    Then there’s Joe F, who is into me and wants to take me out soon. I don’t know just how I feel about him yet, but he is respectful and a gentleman which is great. He’s a musician, going to go to the police academy and is 22. He’s called me and texted me since the last time we hung out and maybe on Wednesday we’ll get together again. It’s just hard because my schedule is crazy but his is crazier.

Anyway I have to go OPEN at Chili’s. A more detailed report is on its way

So I’m going to be an aunt. Not actually.. I mean my sister isn’t pregnant.. and my other sister and brothers are only 13 so they obviously have nothing to do with it. But my best friend, who I still won’t name, and his girlfriend are having a baby. Not only that, they’re getting married. Well my goodness.

She’s considering the baby’s middle name to be Che if it’s a girl. Adorable.

This summer I’ll be a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding, and to know he found a girl that I’m actually good friends with also is amazing. At least one plan came true.

I’ll still miss our sleepovers..

In other news tomorrow is Atlantic City. I got the dress, the shoes, the makeup.. tomorrow I’ll be tan. Now I just need to stop feeling anxious.


So school is going alright. Life is going pretty well. You know how life works. It all comes in waves. When one person likes you.. everyone likes you.
Then, everyone stops.
I’m talking romantically of course.
I’ve been in the dry end lately. Low tide. No real prospects but this week all of a sudden, a wave. Three apparent encounters may take place this week, three different people. It’s a wave. After it breaks, it’ll be dry again. That’s just how life works so just like when I would go body boarding.. you need to find a good wave and jump on it, because you don’t know when the next one will come and one good wave can keep you laughing for the rest of the day.

    Other than that, my fantasy team is winning again this week. This time against Jeff. I’m slowly working toward my goal of truly understanding football by the end of the season. Yesterday at work I got so. I was livid. I never really get that angry, so it’s nice that Josh and Maureen both talked to me later that night making sure I was okay. I was obviously. I just don’t like it when people have a problem with you and decide to rather make a scene and throw a fit after you’ve already left. That’s cowardly. Secondly, I don’t like injustice or manipulation.

So in other news, two of my good friends just found out their having a baby together. Ah jeez. I need to take a trip to visit them.

This weekend we’re going to Atlantic City to celebrate my BIRTHDAY. Jeffs too, but mostly mine.

Now I have to go do homework.

peace and flowers (as Robby Dillinger so nicely says).

Today I’m 21


Looking back on last night…

Oh my God.

Okay so from what I remember is this. We went to Primetime which is like a pool hall and I had three beers, five or six shots and two kamikazis… I think. I’m not really sure. Regardless when we left I was drunk. So then we went to White Castle and I didn’t want anything.. and this is where things start getting kind of hazy. We went to the bathroom.. Kari and I… or at least we ran out of the car and by the time we came back there was apparently a problem with the people in the car behind us. They came up to the window and then Josh sent them away.

Anyway then we went to Josh’s and… I really have no idea. I ate a burger.. or tried to.. and then gave it back. I kept falling over on the Nintendo chair. Then I had a blanket on and was going to sleep.. I have no idea. Next thing I remember is Maureen walking me to my door. Apparently I changed into pajamas and went to bed. I have no idea. Apparently according to my mom she met me in the hall and we talked. I dont remember that at all.

I have class in thirty minutes.

Happy birthday.


Cranium, my sweet vixon

I’m busy again. Brittanys home from school. I’m happy to see her.
I work, go to class, hang out with the crowd, and shop. This is my life. I do homework. I write DAILY which is amazing and one of the things I look forward to each day. It’s like a treat.. it’s like the assignments I used to love getting in English classes.. and now I have one everyday. And even though I get tired or am busy or don’t have the time.. I’ve been writing them.

Double tomorrow.
Birthday dinner at Dads on Sunday.
Class and Monday night football at the Jester on Monday. I also turn 21 on Monday. Convenient.