So I’m horribly vague. I realized that just because I’m affected by something doesn’t mean anyone else is. So you shouldn’t try and reach out to people saying things like, “I want to make this right.” only for them to scratch their heads and say, “..there’s nothing to make right.” Perhaps not scratching their heads, but more or less. If I ever appear insane it’s because I’ve mulled over things for a very long time before ever bringing them to your attention. And by that time, you’ve probably already moved on. My decisions often have me back pedaling.

Schools starting soon and it’s for the best. I need something to think about.  Like Shark, Josh and myself going to Rutgers next year. And saving money. And paying off my debt. And getting that damned computer.

Summer you were everything wrapped up in one season.
I felt excitement, stress, joy, sadness, frustration, rejection, loss, confusion, lust, anger, anticipation, friendship, exhaustion.

I lived. So thank you.


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