life is sweet

The First Annual Freehold Idol just came to an end, and on the last day.. I was unshowered and just stopping by to give my mom lawn chairs when I was told one of the judges didn’t show and asked if I could “pleaaase judge.” So I made a bullshit resume to be read, sat down and spoke my piece into a microphone to singers who wanted to trust my opinion. I have no expertise, but I have ears. It was actually a lot of fun.

Tonight is the 5th Annual Lakewood Blueclaws game to benefit the Kathy Ward Memorial Scholarship fund. Everyone’s going and it’ll be fun but afterwards theyre going to Bayville to spend the  night at the beach house, but I have a double to work tomorrow so I’m probably going to pass on that.

Last night after work a few of us went to get dinner, and long story short, Josh Shark and Brian and I are all going to Brookdale on Tuesday and we’re going to try and get them in some of my classes so we can all be together. We figure if we’re together, we can hold one another accountable, and not suck anymore.

I haven’t been so excited for a birthday as I am for this one in years. I’m just… excited. And then in October I’m going to a seedy hole in the wall bar with shark and then out of BB Kings to see an apparently amazing musician. I’m just excited for all that’s coming next.

Oh I finished the Alchemist. Finally. It’s been a long time since I really liked a book and became so submersed in it that I forgot where I was and pictured completely what was happening. It’s been a while since I decided 52 more pages tonight, though I’m exhausted, isn’t too much. I just wanted to find out what was going to happen next. I need to read it again though because theres so much in there that I was to remember. I’m just happy I finally FINISHED a book this summer, because I’ve started a lot.


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