So last night, I went to the Jester. It was a good group. I initially was only going to have one drink and head home.
Fast forward twenty minutes.. Maureen suggests blowjob shots, and I know shes trying to get me drunk. I text my mom telling her Im not coming home tonight.

Fast forward tthree hours later, having a handstand contest in the parking lot. I have a big lump on the back of my head from the pavement and my arms and legs are all cut up. Obviously, I lost

Fast forward an hour, holding up Joshs pants and Josh holding up mine because we thought they were going to fall off during the walk to Maureens

Fast forward an hour more.. everyone in their underwear in the pool playing football.

Fast forward thrity more minutes.. everyone in the pool, in their underwear, wrestling.

Fast forward 45 minutes further, Brittanys in my car crying to Damien Rice as I realize I have to get home soon because I have work in the morning.

I missed these nights. I did. It’s just what this summer is.

Warped Tour sunday. Double tomorrow. After a five hour nap today, I don’t know when it is I’m going to fall asleep.


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