Aspirin Needed

So, I told Joe that I dont want to date him. That I couldn’t. He is really upset. So many “What about yesterday? What about our conversations?” type questions. But the truth of the matter is this: Its just not there. I don’t like him. I mean. he’s a great guy but just as a friend. Went to Shannons the night I told Joe all that, and it just reminded me that I want butterflies when I’m with a guy too.

Everything else is -settling-.

Im not talking to Joe for a while. It’s better that way.

I have a headache and I felt all night like I was coming down with a fever. Britt and I had a few drinks and started making a documentary about alcoholics. It’s ridiculous but it was a lot of fun.

Work at 4:30. I dont have work at all tomorrow so I cant help but wonder what to do. I think we’re going to see I now pronounce you chuck and larry and then go to the fair.


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