So apparently I’m in debt.. about two grand worth. I don’t have two grand. I have ten percent of that maybe. I guess it’s a good thing the road trip is cancelled because this summer is really expensive. I guess I never should have stayed that Wednesday. I should have went to class. I guess I kind of deserve this to teach me something. Responsibility maybe. Whatever the hell that is. In terms of the guy. I started distancing myself. Im not making any more of an effort. He’s been talking to me, but I’ve pretty much just been responding. Im very mad but Im tired of talking to him and him saying whatever it is he says and then nothing changing. Im tired of wondering what he really thinks of me. Im tired of caring and putting forth an effort when I dont know if he deserves it. So, we’ll see if he steps up. Id like for things to work out for us I really would, but Im not blind.


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