I am meant to leave here and make a difference in the lives of others. I need to show children what love is. I need to help better peoples lives. I need to go to Africa or Haiti or wherever I’m sent and feed them, clothe them, educate them, love them.

If I was in the position to be helped, I would want help.
Therefor, if I’m in the position to help, I need to help.


So, I did do it.

Also, I got a ticket for overnight parking.

So all the balls I was juggling finally did crash down on top of me, and I couldn’t be more relieved. Life is so much easier when youre not trying to hide anything. Im weeding out the bad in my life, and next on my list is this guy. Sorry. Unless he’s already weeded me out…

I had a song written about me. It was pretty much great. Hilarious. But great. I’ve waited for that for so long, and I’ve dated musicians, songwriters.. nothing. Now I don’t date one, and he writes something awesome. Im always wondering what I should do.

I went thrifting today with Megan and Maureen. Spent too much money but scored an awesome Cache dress, a 1986 prom dress, two skirts and two shirts. All for basically nothing. Now I need to never spend money again.

Im clepting out of three classes this summer. THAT is an answer to so much. God given.

He takes bad and makes it good. Did I mention my 500 dollar debt to Brookdale was forgiven? They never do that. To put it simply, He’s got my back.

Not mad

I really can’t be mad with my mom because everything shes saying is right. I want to get my degree and show everyone that I did it. Then I want to go to film school.

Should I be English? Or advertising? I don’t know.

I’m not mad at Shannon either because there’s no point in being mad at him. Why am I mad? I mean, I can list out the things that upset me, but either I talk to him about it or I let it go. But lingering in anger doesn’t solve a damn thing. So, I’m not mad. I’m just contemplative.