Shari Brown is coming next week. I’m excited. I needed this. I’m due for some shari che time.

(But I’m also nervous<33333)


 “I’m glad black dog is here with me. I just want to be in love.”

I wasn’t even excited at all until you said one word to me. Then I couldn’t stop singing.

As of today

Tomorrow I am winning a Mac Book. Tonight I am taking out my contacts for the first time in 5 days. Today I had a movie date with Maureen, and I never need to see another naked asian girl in my life. See Babble and you’ll feel the same way. Tonight we finished our road trip route. I’ll be in Tennessee toward the end, but going to Memphis. Thangs is pretty good still. Matt Schmidt got me angry and now I see something: Things are never ever going to be the same, but that’s to be expected I suppose. He never was good at juggling life. Also, I am still immature at times, I make myself laugh all the time and I still adore Shari.

In the end, several guy friends have recently disappeared, and I believe it to be due to females in their lives, which makes me want to be different: when I am in a relationship, I do not want to be the jealous type that makes them stop hanging with or talking to their girl friends. I also don’t want to be the other woman or give a girl any reason to dislike my relationship with their boyfriend. However, I also realize girls are straight up jealous and irrational, so I might as well get used to it. Yet, any guy that stops talking to me or begins distancing himself because of a girl friend isn’t a man. At least not yet. Except Matt.. well he’s engaged and he has to honor his fiance so I understand that. I just accept things and move on. But I’m very much allowed to not be pleased and voice my opinion. I owe that to myself.

Now I’m finishing the Colbert Report and going to bed.

Good night.

Im taking this journal back!

Friday was our st. patricks day party. It was fun bc I beat up Cole and Josh taught me how. Other than that, Irish Car Bombs are gross and I want to join a karate class. I want to kick ass. In other news, </3.



What if I have mono or something. 

Or the flu. Im not sneezy or congested.

I do have:
Fever, nausea, achey, exhaustion, loss of appetite, stomach no longer working

But it’s okay during the day, but the more energy I exert the worse I get, and by night I’m clearly dying. And I think I’m starting to get an ear ache., but more so it’s just a mild head ache I think. Pressure in my head. Maybe I’m a whiner.. but I don’t think so.

Regardless: doctor tomorrow

Im starting a new fad..

And that fad is getting grossly sick over Spring Break. I really started it last year.. but this year I obviously decided to continue my tradition. Fortunately I’m not nearly as sick as I was last year, but this is only the first day. I woke up feeling sickly, went to work.. came home an hour later. My fever is going up and down, but the worst is my stomach. Half of it is starving, but the other half wants to throw up everything it sees.  My skin is all sensitive to the touch and I have goosebumps. Wtf dude. This is spring break. I wanted to work as much as possible. I’m praying I’ll be better tomorrow. You know, one of those 24 hours bugs.

Im watching South Park, which is all there is to do at midnight after sleeping on and off all day