Well to be honest, there’s no one in my life I would want to date. There’s no one in my life I want to rid of. There’s no where I can think of that I’d rather be. There’s no job I’d rather have. I have no drama, bullshit, or headaches to deal with. So, really, everything is pretty great. This is the most peaceful and carefree my life has been in about two years. My only concerns: School, work, and getting my laptop fixed.

Ah, being content is like waking up from a nap. You’re relaxed, comfortable and ready for anything, including maybe being forced to move to Florida in a year. But maybe that’s the next step in my life. I tried NJ, Tennessee, and now it’s Florida’s turn. But I’m not really going to think about that because, like I said, I’m pretty content with life and I don’t have to waste time worrying about the future. Living in the now is pretty great. I highly recommend it.


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