Che and Ian’s place?

I want my mom to move to Florida, as planned, and for Ian to move in with me. I want that very much. I’m leaving it in Gods hands though.  Me and Ian would be perfect roommates because we get along, he’s OCD clean and I wouldn’t have to worry about my roommate being irresponsible with this huge investment. My mom really likes him and he is very trustworthy. He’s my psuedo-cousin, mature and easy to get along with. It really wouldn’t be a problem at all.

He’s calling my mom tomorrow.

“Please!” I pray. It’s my one shot of getting it.


Matt’s engaged

My best friend became engaged tonight. We haven’t talked as much in the last year or so as we used to, but I really love him And now he’s engaged.. and depending on who you ask, it’s a good/bad thing. I don’t know her all that well, but I just pray that it’s a good thing and that she deserves him. I hope they both deserve eachother.

Things are very bittersweet when a schmidt gets engaged. But, if this is meant to be, then I am so happy for him. Matt deserves the best of the best, and if she is the best then thank God. I can’t be happier.

One of my favorite things is when it’s early in the morning, and I had to wake up for whatever reason, and I’m going back to bed.. I love when my puppy comes too and we nap together.

Hippy talk

So some random guy kept iming me from myspace. And i told him I dont talk to ppl from myspace. And he imed me again tonight, so I told him to send me his link. he wasnt ugly so I asked why he ims ppl from myspace, bc really only ugly ppl do that. And I always ask ppl this because it just doesnt make sense in my head. Are you so desperate for sex you start iming strangers? Anyway, we talked about nothing and then I was done with it and bored so I ended it, and he got all upset and rude. Like.. what? You imed me idiot. Anyway, I’m tired of getting Imed from myspace, so I took my AIM off of it. I only put it on for people on my friends list who didn’t have it. Keep in mind my friends list is only people I know. But forget that. And then today, after that idiot, I just privated it. I never wanted to do that because I thought, whats the big deal. People like to stalk, so let them. But not when it starts getting annoying.. which it finally has.

We could save the world if we all were just nice.

Well to be honest, there’s no one in my life I would want to date. There’s no one in my life I want to rid of. There’s no where I can think of that I’d rather be. There’s no job I’d rather have. I have no drama, bullshit, or headaches to deal with. So, really, everything is pretty great. This is the most peaceful and carefree my life has been in about two years. My only concerns: School, work, and getting my laptop fixed.

Ah, being content is like waking up from a nap. You’re relaxed, comfortable and ready for anything, including maybe being forced to move to Florida in a year. But maybe that’s the next step in my life. I tried NJ, Tennessee, and now it’s Florida’s turn. But I’m not really going to think about that because, like I said, I’m pretty content with life and I don’t have to waste time worrying about the future. Living in the now is pretty great. I highly recommend it.

Well I missed my flight home yesterday, and then today I managed to get on the only plane that actually made it into Newark without being cancelled or delayed. Effin ice storms.

I received my check, literally JUST IN TIME.

And, lastly, I got all the answers I needed in Tennessee. Well, pretty much. I’m not on my own, but I’m completely free. Finally free to go on living my life.

I thank God

I know what’s going to happen tonight. I just already know.

Hopefully Corey comes out tomorrow, to make up for whats probably going to happen tonight.